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Pearly Whites Dental Clinic offers root canal treatment, we also have single sitting root canal treatment which is available at our specialized clinic which is located in Mumbai's western suburb Borivali.
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root canal therapy

A root canal is a dental procedure that is used to remove diseased pulp tissue from the interior of a tooth. The narrow channels beneath the pulp chamber in the inner part of the tooth are hollowed out and cleaned, and the roots are filed with flexible nickel titanium files.

A tooth is made up of three main components: a hard protective shell referred to as enamel, a softer and sensitive middle layer referred to as dentin and a soft tissue inner layer referred to as dental pulp. Dental pulp is composed of nerve tissue, lymph tissue and blood vessels, and is considered to be the vital part of a tooth. If dental pulp is sufficiently traumatized - whether by exposure to oral bacteria via deep dental caries, a fracture in the tooth that enters the pulp or a forceful blow to the face - the tooth begins to die and root canal therapy is often required in order to prevent or eliminate infection and prevent tooth loss.

A root canal procedure involves tooth disinfection and the removal of all debris (nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infection) from the coronal pulp chamber and its associated canals. Once an affected tooth's canals are sufficiently cleansed and shaped, they are filled with materials designed to prevent pain and infection from recurring.

What is root canal treatment?

The Structure of the Tooth

The structure of a tooth is like a coconut. Every tooth has an outer hard covering of enamel under which is the relatively softer dentin. At the core of each tooth is the pulp which contains blood vessels and nerves supplying nutrition to the tooth.

Formation of a cavity

When a tooth begins to decay, the decay attacks the outer enamel. The decay may begin as a small light brown spot and progress to form a cavity.

When will a filling be enough?

Once the decay reaches the dentin, it spreads faster. If the decay is limited to the dentin, a simple filling can be done after removal of all the decay.

Procedure for RCT at Pearly Whites Dental Clinic

The decay in the tooth is removed and the root canals are cleaned out by removing the infected pulp. An antibiotic course is given depending on the severity of the infection and a temporary filling is given in between appointments. In subsequent appointments the root canals are thoroughly cleaned and prepared to receive the filling.Once the root canals are infection-free, they are filled and the tooth is restored.Since such teeth are weakened by extensive decay, each root canal treated tooth must be given a cap. The cap or crown is cemented onto the tooth to protect it and helps the tooth withstand the forces of chewing.The tooth is prepared and measurements are taken to fabricate the crown. If required, Dr. Doshi may suggest a temporary crown for the tooth to keep it intact until the final crown is made.Crowns come in many types and may be metallic or of porcelain or in combination. The cost of the crown will vary depending on the type of material used.

When is just a filling not enough?

If they decay is close to or has reached the pulp, the decay-causing bacteria spread rapidly through the root canals to the bone.If in such a case, only the decay in the tooth is removed and the tooth is filled up, the infection inside the pulp and root remains as it is and it begins to spread into the bone. The tooth soon begins to cause pain.Therefore a treatment which can remove this deep-seated infection is required. This is called Root Canal Treatment (RCT).

Precautions to be taken

Please take the medication as prescribed by Dr.Doshi. Do not miss any of the doses.In case you have any query regarding the medication, please feel free to call ask Dr. Doshi. Do not try and chew using the affected tooth until the crown has been cemented. The tooth is weak and there is the risk of fracture of the tooth.The treatment is lengthy and takes time. Please keep all your appointments so we can finish early.

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