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Pearly Whites dental clinic provides advanced dental treatment for Oral Rehabilitation,Prosthodontics,Periodontics,Oral Surgery,Endodontics,Orthodontics,Oral Health Care, Dental hygiene,Dental hygine
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oral rehabilitation

Oral Rehabilitation refers to rebuilding the natural dentition. Bringing together all dental specialties, oral rehabilitation is coordinated by a prosthodontist (a specialist in Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry). The ultimate goal of function, comfort and esthetics are achieved in an ideal manner.

The dental specialties that contribute to oral rehabilitation are:

Oral Surgery

A full oral rehabilitation is essentially treatment of the entire mouth to restore proper function and establish ideal aesthetics. Such treatment most commonly involves crowns, bridges and/or implants and is indicated where numerous teeth are compromised due to excessive wear, parafunction, abundant old restorative work, incorrect alignment, and/or grossly compromised aesthetics.

oral health care
Dental hygiene, also known as oral hygiene, is process by which preventative dental care is provided to avoid dental emergencies. Your at-home regimen is supplemented with professional preventative dental care provided by dentists and licensed dental hygienists.
Oral Health Care

Tooth brushing is fundamentally important, though it alone will not remove the calculus (also called tartar or dental plaque) that builds up over time. Calculus must be removed to lower your risk of toothaches, cavities, periodontal disease or even the loss of all your teeth. By removing calculus, you can reduce your chances of needing root canals, tooth extractions, dental bridges, crowns and more.

Many dental hygienists are often responsible for performing professional tooth cleaning, scraping hardened plaque (tartar), removing calculus deposits, taking X-rays, identifying changes in the bite (occlusion).

At pearly whites by examining the teeth, mouth and gums to provide any necessary treatment for tooth decay or gum disease. Regular dental visits at clinic for any age for the maintenance of dental hygiene.

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