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know your teeth

In our life time, we have two sets of teeth: deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. There are 20 deciduous teeth and 32 permanent teeth. Usually, dentine is slightly yellowish in colour. Since enamel in permanent teeth are more transparent than that of deciduous teeth, the colour of dentine shows through more easily in permanent teeth. Therefore, permanent teeth are usually more yellowish when compared to deciduous teeth. Since dentine thickens as we get older, our teeth may become more yellowish with age.

A. Hard tissues

  • The outermost layer of the crown.
  • Mainly consists of minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.)
  • The hardest tissue of human body.
  • Generally transparent or milky white in colour.
  • The second layer of the crown.
  • Generally light yellow in colour. Its colour determines the overall colour of the tooth.
  • There are many microscopic tubules inside the dentine which connect to the pulp.
  • A hard tissue covering the root surface of a tooth.
  • Connecting the periodontal membrane and dentine of the root of a tooth.

B. Soft tissues

  • The chamber inside a tooth.
  • Filled with blood vessels and nerve fibres.

C. Periodontal tissues

  • Also known as "gum".
  • A layer of soft tissue covering the surface of alveolar bone.
  • Healthy gingivae is pink in colour.
Periodontal membrane
  • A layer of fibrous tissue.
  • Connecting cementum and alveolar bone.
  • A buffer for teeth to sustain pressure from chewing to avoid damages to the teeth.
Alveolar bone
Bony tissue surrounding a tooth for its support.

Eruption time of deciduous teeth


Eruption Time

Central Incisor

6-12 months

Lateral Incisor

9-13 months


16-23 months

First Molar

13-19 months

Second Molar

23-33 months

Eruption time of permanent teeth

Permanent Teeth

Eruption Time

Central Incisor

6-8 years

Lateral Incisor

6.5-9 years


9-12 years

First Premolar

8-12 years

Second Premolar

8.5-13 years

First Molar 6-7 years
Second Molar 11-14 years
Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth) 17-25 years

Functions of teeth


Chewing food

Teeth are a part of the digestive system. They are used for chewing food.

Pronunciation and articulation

Pronunciation is basically controlled by the vocal cord, but it needs to work together with the teeth to pronounce different sounds accurately.

Keep pleasant appearance

Teeth can keep our facial profile. Without teeth, our face will look collapsed. If teeth are kept healthy, our appearance will even be better.

Reserve space for permanent teeth to erupt

Underneath each deciduous tooth, there is one developing permanent tooth. Deciduous teeth reserve space for permanent teeth to erupt. When permanent teeth erupt, deciduous teeth will naturally fall off and be replaced by permanent teeth.

If a deciduous tooth is lost prematurely, the adjacent teeth will then move toward the empty space, leaving insufficient room for the permanent tooth to erupt. The permanent teeth may have poor alignment.

Premature loss of a deciduous tooth leading to poor alignment of teeth due to space loss

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